ITD Celebration-CTI first time celebrated the International Tea Day

Canada Tea institute celebrated the International Tea Day (ITD) yesterday May 21, 2021 EDT 8:00 PM on ZOOM. with all the tea enthusiasts throughout the country and it was the first such event organised in Canada.   Both the mayor of Toronto, John Tory and the chairman of China Tea Science Society (CTSS) have sent their greetings by letter and Video.

ITD is the festival for every tea fan in the world, a number of tea fans and specialists participated in the celebrations to share their tea experience and knowledge. The celebration started from four tea fans shared his/her story with tea. These stories are either humours, fun or encouraging, and full of fun, beauty of life that tea brought.

Tea fans won’t leave tea even for a single day. How does a tea fan brew tea in her daily life? The honoured student of CTI Jade has shared her daily tea life by brewing Longjin tea on live. The whole infusion procedure is simple but elegant, full of the local rhythm where Longjin grows. Recently graduated from CTI Tea Master Course Level 4, Siyu presented her graduation design, a creative blending tea. Its beautiful liquor colour and perfect taste from mix and match of tea and dried fruit, not only pleasing your tongue, but also your eyes.

Japanese tea instructor Momo Yoshida was invited to introduce Matcha, one of the most popular Japanese tea in Toronto and the world.  She shared her experience of distinguish different grades of Matcha, as well as the different preparing procedure according to the grades. The lovely Matcha and Japanese sweets raised high interests of participants and the chats scrolling crazy.

Since this is the first time to celebrate ITD in Canada, the president of CTI, Ms Xia talked about several “firsts” about tea, such as the first and only local tea garden in Canada, the first time tea has been discovered and planted in India, the first cup of tea in Canada, and the first tea bag in the world. Ms Xia also introduced how to distinguish the materials of tea bags, ie. the plant fibre tea bag and nylon tea bag. The video can be found in CTI YouTube channel.

The celebration has ended up with a lucky draw, and the sessions will be posted in CTI YouTube channel.  Let’s expecting the bigger CTI celebration in the next year!