Canada Tea Institute 加拿大茶叶学会介绍
Canada Tea Institute is a not for profit organization that engages in the cultural, educational and economic development of tea. The Institute devotes itself to increasing public knowledge, improving tea economy, enhancing cultural exchanges and international liaisons of Canadian tea industries and professionals. The guiding principles of the Institute include balance, harmony and selflessness which are the traditional spirits of tea masters. The Institute is comprised of tea professionals and enthusiasts, and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

About Us

CTI provides specialized tea training courses for adults and youths, and provides services of Tea Receptions, Tea Art Performance, Tea Forums, etc. In addition, the Institute organizes various tea-themed parties, tea tasting events and tea competitions.

CTI accepts individual and corporate memberships. Members will participate in various themed tea parties, international tea events and interact with renowned international tea masters. They will also enjoy exclusive product discounts.

Distinguish various sorts of teas worldwide, including how to brew green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, Oolong tea, dark tea in a glass, Cover-Bowl Cup and Zisha pot in ways of Kungfu tea, and more.


Organize charitable tea forums and tea parties for local communities, provide tea lectures for the general public.

learning class

2021 Spring Term Tea Class

Chinese Teaism (Phase 1, 2, 3, 4)

Tea Art for Youth (Term 1)

Tasting & Understanding of the Top 10 Teas of China

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