Membership Fee for Year 2024 (Individual)


Join the Canada Tea Institute as an Individual Member to receive gifts, discounts, access to exclusive events, and more! Enjoy the privilege of tea, deepen your tea knowledge, partake in unique tea experiences, and connect with like-minded tea enthusiasts!

Membership eligibility can be secured through online registration and payment.

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Member Benefits:**

  1. **Joining and Annual Party Gifts:** Valued at a total of $100, members receive tea and related gifts upon joining and during the annual party.
  2. **Year-round 5% Discount on Designated Website and Selected Member Products:** Members enjoy a 5% discount on the designated website and selected member products throughout the year. Shopping on during the membership period grants members a 5% discount on eligible items, with a 7-day best price guarantee. Member products include tea, tea ware, and tea house services, with the list of participating businesses continually updated.
  3. **Complimentary Pass to the International Tea Festival:** Members receive a complimentary pass to the December International Tea Festival through the online store.
  4. **Invitation to International Tea Day Event (Annual Party):** Members receive exclusive invitations to the early May International Tea Day Event, where they can sample recommended new teas from various member units. This event, exclusive to invited members, is free of charge and includes complimentary souvenirs.
  5. **Participation in Exclusive Events at Member Prices:** Members can participate in exclusive events such as tea trips at preferential member prices. Friends and family of the member are welcome at premium rates.
  6. **Joining the Member Group for Timely Information and Dedicated Customer Service:** Members can join the member group to stay informed and connect with fellow tea enthusiasts. Dedicated customer service is provided.


**How to Join:**

  1. **Voluntary Registration:** Registrations are open for the 2024 membership year (calendar year). Those who register now will enjoy a free trial period for the 2023 membership year, along with a special tax exemption offer. The annual membership fee is $100 per person.
  2. **Complete the Registration Form and Submit Online.**
  3. **Payment:** Order the product and check out, keep the receipt for registration.
  4. **Upon payment, you will obtain membership qualification for the current year.**
  5. **Withdrawal:** Members are free to apply for withdrawal. Membership fees are non-refundable upon withdrawal.


**Non-commercial Note:**

In order to maintain the genuine passion of tea enthusiasts, the Institute strives to create a space for effortless socialization and an enriched life. Consequently, the institute does not engage in business promotions. If you are part of the tea industry and wish to share tea-related information, please contact the institute.


**Tea enhances the beauty of life.**

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