Chinese Teaism Class (Weekday Class or Weekends)

Mastering Tea Etiquette, Tea Culture, various sorts of teas, including how to brew green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, Oolong tea, dark tea in a glass, Cover-Bowl Cup and Zisha pot in ways of Kungfu tea, and more.

Tea Art for Youths (12-18 years)

Basic knowledge of Tea Categories, Tea Wares, including how to brew various kinds of tea in different ways, how to mix and create herbal tea, ice tea, milk tea, etc.

Tea Tasting and Grading (Advanced) 

Continued from fundamental tea knowledge already possessed, you will lean in this advanced course how to use tea tray and standard tea wares such as an examiner’s cup. You will also learn how to exam grade of teas based on internationally accepted standards.

Tasting & Understanding of the Top 10 Teas of China 

Understand the Top 10 teas of China including Longjing,Jasmine,Keemun, etc., learn their growing regions, characteristics, processing methods and ways of enjoying and brewing. Once a week, total course lasts two weeks.


New Class Information

2021 Summer Term, small class 6-8 students

Add:249 Finch Ave East,North  York
Parking:Free parking at 241 & 249 Finch Ave East,near Bayview。

Join class please contact:647-939-7311;

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